Police Chief Blames Bev And Zoey For Immorality

The officer commanding Bulawayo Central District, Chief Superintendent Leslie Maninge, has accused raunchy pole dancers,  Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda and Noleen ‘Zoey’ Sifelani of contributing towards immorality in the city.

We cannot sit and watch Bulawayo, a city that was known for morality and cleanliness being reduced to a place of immorality by allowing criminal activities to prevail.

Also, dancers like Bev are causing immorality and as commanding officer for the CBD I will make sure the city is free from criminal activities like mugging, assault and robbery.

He said that his tenure in charge would see him coming down hard on beer outlets operating illegally.

Pole dancers accused of increasing immorality in Bulawayogregoryperez / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Now we are behind the good Chief Superintendent’s plans to get rid of thugs and the sort in Bulawayo. But to blame the poor girls for men sticking their bits into women they are not married to is a bit much isn’t it? Men have been putting their unmentionables in women of disrepute for a while now and so the idea that they are contributing significantly is a bit much.

Lumping these girls in the comments that refer to criminal activity is just wrong.

What are we going to do next? Have the Internet shut down because some people use it for porn? Not that there is anything wrong with watching porn, when you think of it…

  • Mr_popular

    I fail to find the connection of the thugs and the women in question! He should have said i want to make a point that i will clean the city of various elements deemed scum rather than assosciate these dancers with criminals, besides mr police commander what law are these women breaking? #MIND BOGGLING STUFF!

  • Jack dee

    Agreeably law and order has to be upheld but not selectively ..!
    The CO should refrain from becoming police , judge & jury unto himself by denouncing Bev & co but should just police around.
    By condeming Bev publicly like that thus incriminating himself as well , defamatory too by putting all Bulawayo’s immorality on Bev.
    Rhumba ne Sele zvakauya tikashaya pekutarisa panevanyarikani dead tv sorry ztv ichiscreener vulgar dances to Zim culture where was this CO ?
    Children now do this vulgar Sele why didn’t he do something?
    In any case CO uyu haana small house here tione hu morality hwake

  • Mati Madiiko-Henyu

    Mupurisa uyu ndiye anototwaya breni manje! ungati akatanga chihure anoona Bev naZoey. aitohura hake kare akuda kubatanidza vana vevanhu munyaya yake, pamwe ndozvaakaudza mai bhoy kumba, kuti akafuririka aona ana Bev. PWAPWAPWA