Pole Dancers Bev and Zoey Arrested

It looks as if what seemed like an idle threat by an overzealous police has come to pass after popular pole dancers Bev and Zoey were arrested.

This comes after alleged complaints that their routines were indecent.

Bev’s manager said that the questioning of the pair centered around whether they were registered. Happers Mapimhidze, the manager in question said they were then detained at Harare Central Police. The police admitted to the arrest but not the detention.

Wonder if Delta who were pretty offended by Bev’s bottle routine will be angling for something in this.

We think that this is just white noise really. It can be easily fixed. It should be easily fixed.

  • Mambosolo

    So whats your point in this blog post? Whats your ‘angle. Because we already know that the two are under arrest. What we need to know is how you see it, the way you mouth off and pass judgement when its Tsvangirai or the Jamaicans or better still the Rastafarians concerned?

    • Lol read it again and read it slowly

      • Mambosolo

        You are trying to be clever by half…some people/ institutions are game when it comes to your criticism, while others are simply no go areas, you act as if you are being objective, when you are actually scared shitless to say anything about them, then you want to pretend like you are all independent and stuff, when you are actually ‘ball-less’

        • Lol… you are entertaining, we can tell you that. You really should find a new hobby J

  • lurker133

    I just don’t get it; they were arrested and questioned about being registered? The police needed to arrest them to find out about a permit?? No hope…