Pokello talks birthday party, lessons from her 30s and advice for her younger self

Reality TV star, socialite and businesswoman turned 32 on Thursday.

Pokello Nare PIC: Twitter

To mark this she has a birthday at the very urbane Pablo’Z Club on Friday night.

3-mob.com caught up with her real quick and asked her a few questions:

3-mob.com; What is the slay queen planning for her birthday?
The slay queen is planning a massive party at Pabloz VIP tonight. Starting with an exclusive dinner with her family and closest friends.

Pokello Nare and Jamaican dancehall star Beenie Man who from her tweets will be at her party

3-mob.com: Who will you be partying with?
She will be party with her husband Elikem, friends and family. As well as her friends from Jamaica, Jah Pryzah, Mudiwa and lots of other celebrities. free entry for all and Harare’s top Dj’s on rotation.

3-mob.com: Why Pablo’Z?
Pablo’Z is undoubtedly the classiest And trendiest spot in Harare. With enough space to accommodate everyone who would want to come and party with the Queen of Swagger.

3-mob.com: How does you keep that incredible look rocking?
Pokello: Lol, image is everything so it’s fundamental that I also look the part. When you look good everyone takes notice and pays attention. Keeping up with trends and keeping your body fit is key to packaging.

Pokello Nare PIC: Twitter

3-mob.com: And what has being your thirties taught you so far?
My thirties have taught me that Being a role model isn’t about showing people how to be like you. It’s about using your freedom to show others that it’s safe to be themselves.

3-mob.com: What advice would you have given 15 year-old Pokello?
I would tell my 15 year old self that it’s never that serious. Learn to love yourself and embrace your flaws. We spend too much time trying to please people who ultimately might never be pleased.Get married when you are 28+, never rush to start a family when you haven’t even established yourself mentally, spiritually and financially.

The party is on Friday night at Royal Fridays at Pablo’Z Club.Juice The Strongest DJ and DJ AM on the decks. Entry is free.

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