Pokello-linked FB Page Slams Elikem Article On Zim Women

A Facebook page linked to former Big Brother star Pokello Nare has slammed an article in The Herald, which said that her Ghanaian lover Elikem Kumoridze had said that women from his h0meland were better than Zimbabwean women.

Elikem and Pokello

Elikem and Pokello

In a post this morning it said:

Tafadzwa Zimoyo of Herald Newspaper begged for an exclusive with Elikem for weeks .As TeamPokello will were kind enough to grant him this interview. He asked Elikem to describe Ghanian women and Elikem stated ‘ they were well cultured and mannered and really know how to take care if themselves and dress’. Why this journalist has chosen to misquote Elikem and make it seem like it was a Ghana vs Zim women issue is just pure sensationalism and the epitome of Bad journalism.

please Mr. Zimoyo grant the public with the recording of this interview do they can hear for themselves what Elikem said.

It’s time Media stops with fabrications and biased reporting.

Can Herald Newspaper produce the recording of this interview!

The couple has not commented on the article directly.

Elikem and Pokello met on the reality TV show and hit it off culminating her then ditching her erstwhile lover Desmond Stunner Chideme. The pair say they plan to marry soon.