“Playing Warriors” Shines At New York African Film Festival

The Zimbabwean hit movie “Playing Warriors” made its American debut at the New York African Film Festival which took place yesterday at the Lincoln Centre.

Our friends, Kudzai Sevenzo and Tendai Musoni, two of the cast members attended the screening.

The movie screening was well attended by a rather supportive crowd of black and white Zimbabweans living in New York City.

When the movie ended the audience had an opportunity to ask the two stars questions about the movie.

Asked to comment about the movie Kudzai Sevenzo said the movie tried to realistically portray part of Zimbabwe’s urban society. Tendai Musoni added that traditional culture was still relevant a consideration in contemporary Zimbabwean Society.

The enthusiasm shown by the crowd for the movie and about Zimbabwe, highlighted the important role film can play in changing the incorrect perceptions that some people may have about a country.

Please watch a video of Tendai and Kudzi chatting to some of the people who attended the movie première.

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