PICS: Zimbabwean photographer’s images of Harare will blow your mind

Rodney Badza looks the part of a artist.

The First Floor Art Gallery manager serves a collection of amazing pictures of Harare, taken from his camera. And here is why he shares this beauty:

What really inspired me was debunking how a lot of people shun Harare and say its an ugly place. how people are used to seeing one side of Harare, the crowded Harare during the day but never get to see other side of harare.

And we are talking about reimagining here and we love it.

Rodney is also learning as he goes, appreciating as he calls it:

This series is just me appreciating my town and showing the awesome side of things.

We’ll be sharing a few more from this collection next week. But for now… wow!

  • Chiparamure

    too much light which distorts the real HD eyeview

  • Nomore Jay Dee Mutsengi

    this is amazing ….. i am inspired

  • Abbey Hamiltons

    this is truly beautiful but it covers up 36 years of misrule

  • sky

    Haiwawo special effects.