PICS: Sonic Wonderland 2 delivers an EDM spectacle at #HIFA2017

The first Sonic Wonderland set the bar for future EDM experience at the Harare International Festival of the Arts.

Brooks at HIFA 2017 PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chikosha

So there were always going to be questions around whether the second one would live up to the first edition from two years ago.

The roster was the big hitters.

Rob Macson at HIFA 2017 PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chikosha

We started off with Rob Macson who captured the audience with his remixes to Jah Prayzah’s Mdhara Vachauya and Winky D’s Gafa Party. Oh and then there was that I’m in Harare. A high energy performance as a per usual showed his musical dexterity, the ability to keep a crowd engaged and on message.

Jason Le Roux at HIFA 2017 PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chikosha

Then we had the godfather, Hidden Culture’s Jason le Roux. An explosive two hour set with a lot for the heads and a it too for those passing by for a taste of the EDM. We might as well have been dancing on a beach somewhere tasting the finest in cocktails. Such was the quality of the performance. It took you somewhere.

Finally it is the highly regarded Dutch producer Brooks whose latest single has been released off Martin Garrix’s label. And to his reputation he lived, cutting through synths with larger than life mixes and sounds. He is a master of his art and we are under no illusion that he is the next big thing on the superbad level.

And he was at HIFA 2017.

Sonic Wonderland 2 at HIFA 2017 PIC: Tau Madzidaddy Chikosha

When Sonic Wonderland 2 delivered a spectacle,