PICS: Ice skating rink opens doors in Harare

Harare has a new place to chill with opening of a new ice skating rink last Wednesday at Westgate’s Fountain Court.

IMG 0811

263 Chilled is the initiative of a private partnership and given what we saw last week, it is going to be bags of fun for families in different demographics.

From those with easy balance coordination to others who might need a little assistance it does feel like a place for everyone. There are teachers on hand if you are worried about falling and getting a bloody nose.

And it seems falling isn’t a big deal. A young skater – all 9 years of her – who saw some of our crew struggling says the key is to have fun and enjoy falling. Which pretty mich makes sense. The moment you accept falling is part of it all, then you don’t mind it so you fall less.

That said there are walkers, for those who would rather not.

$8 gets you in and that comes with skates for hire. The sessions are one hour long each. If you just want to come in and watch your friends/kids skate while having coffee or working on your proposals then $4 entry is the damage. It’s open seven days a week from 9am to 9pm between Monday and Thursday while it closes at 11pm on the other days.

So something we needed to fly to South Africa, Kenya or Dubai to do is now here in Zimbabwe.

Just a warning. It can addictive. Ask super Dj Raydizz. ┬áHe didn’t want to get off the rink!

IMG 0740

Power FM’s breakfast show host Butterphly waits for her turn at getting skates while station mate Rumbi Chamvary has figured hers out

IMG 0691

Pool tables for those who don’t fancy the ice

IMG 0743

Super DJ Raydizz looks on as our Larry Kwirirayi gets his skates

IMG 0762

The popular Zazalicious trying her hand at skating

IMG 0802

Team 263 Chilled at the rink

IMG 0791

Skates can be hired for 4 dollars an hour


IMG 0832

Part of the crowd having fun on ice at 263 Chilled in Harare

All images by Tau ‘Madzidaddy’ Chikosha

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