Pariah State Caught Up In Gender Based Violence Storm; Promises Action

Popular Harare venue Pariah State Borrowdale was on Sunday in the middle of a storm where it was accused of not protecting victims of gender-based violence on its premises.


The urbane hangout space has had a reputation for a zero-tolerance approach on inappropriate behaviour by men against women but it is alleged that security staff who were working at its Borrowdale branch dropped the ball.

The matter came to light when Zimpapers Digital‘s Delta Ndou posted a series of tweets in which she gave an account in which Her Zimbabwe founder Fungai Machirori was said to have been slapped by an unruly male when his advances to their table were unwelcome. Security is accused of protecting the man in spite of staff at the establishment telling them that the women were not the aggressors.

For the whole of Sunday, as the matter evolved,  nothing was heard from Pariah State but in a series of tweets on Monday the group said in tweets directed at both Machirori and Ndou:

We are disappointed to hear about your recent experience and have undertaken a detailed investigation. We do not tolerate any violence in our establishments and it is our policy to eject anyone who breaks rules. Manager on duty, staff and our external security have all been asked to submit reports.

The group has also requested a meeting to resolve the issue face to face and address concerns.

It’s horrid that you have things of this sort happening anywhere in the world. What is hoped is that Pariah takes requisite action that will satisfy both those who were wronged and others who intend on visiting the place.

And to any person who goes around smacking women because they do not appreciate you are attention, you are the dirty shit neither a cockroach nor a fly would even look at. You’re sick!

  • The last part is well stated…and let this be a warning to perpetrators of violence of any form, this world is too small your us and y’all to cohabitant…be rest assured one shall depart. Sengishilo.