Pamberi Trust Gardens To Host Protest Arts Festival

On Friday 6 and Saturday 7 November Pamberi Trust joins Savannah Trust in support of the PROTEST ARTS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (PAIF) 2015, to be staged at Pamberi Trust’s lovely new garden venue at 90 Selous Avenue between 8th and 9th Street in Harare, home of the busy arts development organisation since 01 November.

The Taking by Raisedon Baya

The Taking by Raisedon Baya

The festival celebrates the genre of protest arts by acknowledging and promoting its role in community dialogue and development.  It brings together artists of widely diverse genres and cultures, in two days of music, dance, comedy, theatre and the spoken word.

Kicking off on Friday 6 November at midday, and Saturday 7 November at 1pm, the festival promises an exciting programme.

Among the featured acts are the vibrant musical theatre piece ‘Stimela’ (South Africa) – a powerful story told through narration, song and gumboot dance; Zimbabwe’s Tumbuka Dance Company; local music artists Gary Tight, Synik, Macintosh Jerahuni, ‘Talking Guitars’; comedian Doc Vikela; several theatre pieces from Harare, Bulawayo and Masvingo, individual performances by some of Zimbabwe’s top poets, and a joint spoken-word session with the House of Hunger Poetry Slam.

Pursuing their mission to facilitate the arts in Zimbabwe, Pamberi Trust support PAIF by providing venue, music and sound equipment and publicity and technical support.  There are no rain fears as the show will go on under tent cover in the leafy garden at No 90 Selous Ave.

As part of their development activities, Pamberi Trust also supports two acts at PAIF 2015 – the young and rising Gary Tight of Harare and the play ‘The Taking’ by Bulawayo playwright Raisedon Baya; as well as a joint afternoon session with Pamberi Trust’s vibrant monthly poetry platform – the House of Hunger Poetry Slam.

GARY TIGHT is scheduled for 7.30-9pm on Friday 6 November, and brings to the festival some of the freshest music around.  The talented young artist has grown under the guidance of his father Willom Tight, to be an exciting and hardworking musician who entered Pamberi Trust’s youth programme a few years ago through the Monday Open Mic, progressed to a dedicated weeknight show and as support  act for established artists.  In 2014 he launched his first single “Ndazonyora”, and Gary Tight’s participation in Protest Arts International Festival 2015 takes him to another level.  Audiences can expect a great show!

‘THE TAKING’ is a fast-paced, much-praised theatre piece written by the award-winning playwright Raisedon Baya, which uses song, dance, mime, vivid imagery and clever storytelling to explore complex issues surrounding Zimbabwe’s land issues.  It is a powerful history lesson with a difference –  “… a piece to watch… has almost everything one looks for in theatre” (- Southern Eye).  ‘The Taking’ will be presented on Saturday 7 November at  6pm.

Pamberi Trust’s monthly HOUSE OF HUNGER POETRY SLAM joins with PAIF 2015 to provide a poetry platform at the festival.  The slam has continued unabated for more than a decade, fuelled by the artistry and energies of many poets of Zimbabwe who have welcomed the stage for freedom of expression and exposure.  A number of poets have grown from this platform to gain recognition in Zimbabwe and beyond, along with poetry initiatives such as Magamba Network’s Shoko Festival, and Zimbabwe Poets for Human Rights.

Pamberi Trust Presser

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