Paco Pena’s Flamenco Tribal Pulse Touches Harare Souls

Paco Pena

The Spanish Embassy put together a captivating night of extraordinary Flamenco at the skilled fingers of legendary guitarist Paco Pena.

For the first 30 minutes he hardly said a word but his guitar spoke in a way that redefined language, communication all woven into a complex, beautiful tapestry of sound.

His show was played ‘under inspiration’, a master at work. No predetermined list of songs that he felt, that he got us to feel. We all interpreted it differently but generally it was well-received.

To some members of the audience it felt as if there was more than one guitarist. Such was the skill and definition art, the dimension and breath of the genius that is Paco Pena. When he did speak, it was with humility, without procession, aware of the lifetime dedication to the art and its capacity for being an expansive universe of its own.

And for this experience the Spanish Embassy brought this night of riveting culture to a packed 7 arts auditorium which including the Mayor of Harare His Worship Muchadei Masunda, various government ministers, business executives, the diplomatic corps and members of the public at large, for free.

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