Outspoken, Tumi and The Volume, Hired Gun Shut Down Shoko! Festival

After the hectic performances from the night before Saturday gave us a bill that was hectic.

Think of the best hip hop band in Africa; the best hip hop band in Zimbabwe; and a prolific Brooklyn MC. Tumi and the Volume had already been penciled by many as the highlight of the festival, their second performance in Zimbabwe after a 2005 throw-down at HIFA. They did not disappoint, showing many, a standard that has made them world-renowned.

Just before that Hired Gun had set the stage on fire with an energetic performance during which he called Zimbabwe’s own legendary MC Munetsi who went toe-to-toe in a freestyle collaboration with the Fresh Roots Music head. Another highlight of his set was the poem The Great Minds Of My Generation which bemoaned some of the coonery buffoonery of a lost generation.

Outspoken was the final act of the night. He called the set democratic, allowing his band to decide the order of the songs. No disappointments there and a couple of songs with his partner in the duo Dialectric Blue put the icing on an already very sweet cake.

There was still time to properly shut down the concerts with MCs all coming onto the stage and serving a well-fed crowd with a cypher right at the end.

After that it was down the dj end where DJ Bionic who is also Tumi’s manager ended the festival on an appropriately artistic note.

We congratulate Magamba Network on staging the Shoko! International Spoken Word and Hip Hop Festival. This is just the beginning.

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