OPPROTUNITY: TLC Channel Looking For The Next Generation African Presenter

The search for TLC’s Next Great Presenter is on!

Passionate fans of the popular network from across the African continent are invited to showcase their talent in the channel’s first ever presenter search, launching on 9 August 2015.


Lee Hobbs, VP of Channels for Discovery Networks:

TLC’s success is largely due to its diverse array of entertaining and engaging presenting talent, from Oprah and Iyanla to Buddy and Randy Fenoli. These are big characters with even bigger personalities and that’s exactly what we’ll be looking for in the TLC Next Great Presenter winner.

From 9 August to 3 September 2015, entrants will be invited to submit a two minute video audition, via the specially created Next Great Presenter website, showcasing their presenting skills and explaining why they are the perfect presenter. During this time, candidates will also need to read a pre-written script to camera, details of which will also be on the website.

Hobbs says more:

We want candidates with a passion for and knowledge about TLC Entertainment. They must feel like a genuine, enthusiastic fan and a fit for the channel in terms of their attitude and vibrancy. In the video submissions, we’ll be looking for potential presenters who come across as confident, entertaining and engaging.

Each video audition will be reviewed by a panel of experts and the best candidates will be shortlisted. But in the end it will be up to the viewers to choose the ultimate winner who will receive the chance to present TLC TOP 10 – a brand new series coming to TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) in November. This new show will include commentary on the top 10 shows from the following popular genres: Weddings, mega mom’s, intriguing families and extreme passions seen on the channel.

Hobbs added,

This is an amazing opportunity for a TLC Entertainment super-fan or budding TV presenter to present a show on one of the leading lifestyle channels. We’re looking forward brilliant entries from across the continent – so be yourself, be bold and most importantly be TLC!

Get in there. You could be the next one. The way we see it, if you get shortlisted, even if you don’t get in, you’re pretty much in there in the face of the world.