OPPORTUNITY: Super Review week returns and here is how you can take part

So we are going on overdrive in our reviews this week.


We will drop reviews for songs and videos every single day as well as at least four albums.


Of course if you want to take part you can submit your material for consideration. Just click here for guidelines.

Well if you are an artist send links to your music to links[at]3-mob.com. Please send the link, NOT the audio file. Critical, is that this music must be available. If it is not available, there is no point.

Also make sure you have a bit of a bio that tells us who you are. Send any associated artwork as well. It adds towards our telling the story better.

Then we want you to do this… read, share and comment on the music. And feel free to disagree with us. (also get your friends to send us music for possible review).

The key thing beyond pushing the music is educating people about the different types of genres out there and understanding what they are critiquing.

This is just an intense review week. We will be ramping up as the norm going forward,

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