OPPORTUNITY: Open Call for Creative Enterprise Accelerator Program

With the rise of young Zimbabweans sharing video content online coupled with the launch of the new Zambezi Magic channel there is an opportunity to empower young people with the creative entrepreneurial skills and business acumen to launch Audio/Visual projects and get them to market.


The Creative Enterprise Accelerator will work with and incubate small groups of young professionals. The accelerator aims to bring together young people who work in TV/film, design and technology in order to bridge the gaps between these 3 creative sectors and harness the potential of these key emerging trends among African youth. We seek to empower the youth with skills and business acumen in how to launch TV & Film projects online and through existing partnerships with regional and global TV stations. The accelerator aims to support grassroots, youth-driven creative projects that aim for positive social change and promote free expression.

What Does The Programme Include?

The Creative Enterprise Accelerator Includes

  • Workshops & Mentoring from Industry Specialists
  • Desk Space at Moto Republik creative hub
  • Facilitation of products to markets
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Seed Support

 Who Can Apply?

The programme is open to creative enterprises in film and television. We are looking to accelerate teams with projects currently in development or up to mid-production, with no more than 40% of their footage shot by the date of application. Participants must be full time workers and willing to commit 3 months to the program.

Projects must aim for at least one of the following key outcomes:

  • Ignite positive social change
  • Promote free expression
  • Impact in the community
  • Promote climate change awareness

The chosen projects receive a critical suite of services and strategic support.

How to apply and what should you submit?

  1. A 2 page concept note describing your teams’ project and the challenges you face (with links if the project is hosted on line)
  2. Your team composition (profiles, roles and functions)
  3. Indication in terms of availability

Selection Criteria

A maximum of 4 teams will be selected from the lot of applicants. The selection of participatingteams will be based on a set of criteria, as follows:

  • Youth-driven or youth focus team (18-35)
  • With Creative and Innovative projects
  • Be designed with a community and social impact
  • Full time availability for the acceleration programme

Application Deadline

5th October 2015

Contact Details

Submit all application documents to the following contact persons, with the title “ZW9 WeFilm

Lorraine Charlotte Bgoya (loch@motorepublik.co)
Cecile Pentori (cecile.pentori@undp.org)