OPPORTUNITY: Nama media accreditation open

The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe has invited journalists interested in covering this year’s National Arts Merit Awards to apply for accreditation.

The invitation is made to print, online, television, radio, news agencies and other journalists who want to cover the event set for 17 February 2018.

Highlights for media

  • Journalists will have opportunities to connect with nominees and invited guests on the Red Carpet, in the foyer and in the after event.
  • The NAMA Awards ceremony will recognise arts practitioners for their excellence, innovation, and creativity in the Arts Sector.
  • In addition to the Awards Ceremony, there will be Facebook Live broadcasts on the @namaszim page on Facebook, where we will supply profiles of all nominees thereby providing journalists with an opportunity to use said material to generate a different narrative with a strong bias towards better understanding of the nominees and their submitted works and. We intend to showcase, on site at REPS Theatre, any artworks, 2d or 3D exhibits from the nominees. We intend to also offer screenings of the nominated full length and short film works from different nominees.
  • We are also looking to have a public viewing area facing a big LED Screen mounted on a truck

Support for media coverage

  • The venue will be split into the following areas:
    • RED CARPET – this will be in the immediate front of the REPS Theatre and there will be 8 cocktail tables which will be availed to radio stations, bloggers, and any audio pick up units
    • RED CARPET BARRICADE – this will be just in front of the barrier from the red carpet. More photo ops and audio sound bites can be picked up from here.
    • PHOTO OP – outside by the main entrance will be a nice photography backdrop where all red-carpet participants will stop for a quick photo op.
    • FOYER – The foyer will have 3 backdrop points for TV interviews. The backdrops will be 2.5m x 2.4m and will be available through the NAMA organisers as they have to conform to the level of quality standard that the NAMA organisers would like to set.
    • MAIN AUDITORIUM STEPS – EITHER SIDE. A few photographers with telephoto lenses will be allowed to park themselves on the steps leading to the main stage from the back.
    • FRONT OF STAGE– 2 photographers on either end of the stage will be allowed to stand and take photographs with minimum movement and interference with the proceedings.
  • Failure to stay within your allocated area will lead to immediate EVICTION FROM THE SITE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Journalists who meet the conference media registration criteria will be accredited on a space-available basis.

Media Accreditation Criteria

Print/ online Media

Only one journalist/reporter or editor per relevant printed publication can be accredited.

TV, Radio and Production Houses

Accreditations are limited to essential personnel – TV Crew, Presenters, Production Managers, and technical staff etc., and are approved at the discretion of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ).

Media Validation Requirements

  • Recognised Media or Press Card.
  • Freelance journalists, including photographers, must provide documentation that they are on assignment from a specific news organisation or publication. A valid assignment letter from that news organization, or publication, is required.
  • Applications should be submitted by latest 14.02.2018.
  • Successful Applicants will then be invited for a full Media Briefing on site, failure to attend forfeits one’s slot.

Click here to download the form to apply


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