ONE TO WATCH: Evans Mapfumo – Munyama

Singer-songwriter Evans Mapfumo is an afro-fusion (strange phrase that) who has been at it since 2009 and we think he is one to watch.

We have seen him perform a couple of times with his band and by himself and he is largely impressive. He has to be. He has been at this since 2009 when he formed the Kiat Afrika Band.

Evans Mapfumo

Evans Mapfumo

His music is a fusion of Mbira and Marimba even though his latest incarnation of the band doesn’t seem to have those elements.

Evans’s music is generally of a conscious kind and we particularly enjoyed Munyama which he says he wrote when things weren’t going well for him in South Africa. Munyama is bad luck in Shona. This is in spite of his having done relatively well with performances at the 2010 World Cup Fan Fest in Cape Town , Capetown Summer Market Festival 2012 , 2013 Grahams Town National Arts Festival, as well as several live appearances at Obz Café and the Monkey Valley Beach Resort, Capetown.

His stage act still does a feel a bit, well, it needs a bit of work. He does some Bob Marley covers which he musically are interpreted well but the performance does feel a bit, well, we are not sure. It will improve though.

Check his song out below and more of his material on Reverbnation

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