Oliver Mtukudzi Twitter Account Fake

Recently someone created an account on Twitter called @Oliver_Mtukudzi claiming that they were the Zimbabwe mega-star.

A quick call to Nzou has exposed this account as a fake. When asked by 3-mob whether the account was his, he said “Handizirini”, Shona for it is not me.

Shepherd Mutamba, Tuku Music’s publicist also confirmed that the account was fake and was not in any way linked to Tuku. He said any information from this account was not from Tuku and that all official communication regarding Tuku or the stable would be made form www.tukumusik.com unless otherwise advised.

The account was opened this week an claimed that the mega-star had bowed down to pressure from fans and finally joined the microblogging site.

This is another shameful case of Social Media fraud after a Zimbabwean woman was the centre of an eloborate facebook fake account hoax.