Olinda hosts High Tea in the UK this weekend

Power-socialite, businesswoman and philanthropist, Olinda Chapel is set to host the The Olinda Chapel Foundation Annual High Tea event on July 1 2017 at Bicester Hotel, Golf and Spar in London.

Olinda Chapel

The extravagant event will be graced by top business moguls who will share their business knowledge with the audience and will be hosted by radio and television personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa. (UPDATE: Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa will no longer be gracing the event)

Said Olinda:

There’s going to be plenty of glitz and glamour on the day. Hats and fascinators is the dress code as if you are going to the Royal Ascot.

Hats and fascinators are a tradition in England especially on royal events, so the event is going to be classy and elegant that’s why we are also adopting the royal theme in the dress code and men are also welcome to the event.

She also said the event will pave way for a lot of projects lined up for her charity foundation.

We’ve got lot of projects lined up for the girl child empowerment. We are also going to make this event an annual do, to fund the foundation’s projects, “ she added.

A total of four speakers have been lined-up to empower and share their knowledge with the guests. The speakers include

  • Torri Hammond who is the owner of BASHD (Bold and Sassy Hair Designs) in Charleston. Torri is considered as one of Charleston’s most experienced stylists for her superior hairdressing skills, technical knowledge, creativity and deep commitment to providing first-class service to her elite list of clientele.
  • Ivy Mango Chatora , a food blogger who happens to be the face behind Ivy’s Kitchenette and A Taste of Zimbabwe which has taken Zimbabwean Food to greater heights .Over the years, Ivy has decoded and de-constructed the way Zimbabwean traditional food is cooked and presented, giving it a more modern and contemporary style that is so unique and mind-blowing.
  • Loveness Mangezi who is an author of the highly anticipated transformational memoir (MUCH from the LOSSES) due to be released in two months; will also be part of the panel. Popularly known as the Game Changer Junkie Strategist, Mangezi is dedicated to helping multitudes of people around the world and is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.
  • Marissa Watt who is a property mogul is also part of the line up. She is the director of Anchor Properties and has vast experience in property investment.

Talented musicians Tytan and Adrian Tate who recently released their EPs, are expected to serenade the guests with their musical performances, as they will be providing entertainment.

Tickets for the event are pegged at 55 pounds and are available online at www.eventbrite.co.uk.

Olinda Chapel Foundation presser

  • Miriro

    Olinda Chapel is a pathological liar. She claims and boasts to be a wealthy business woman yet she lives in a council estate and doesn’t have a single property in her name.

    In her live videos where she boasts about being rich she lives in a tiny house with a kitchen and living too the size of my bathroom. I think that’s her idea of rich.

    She brags about having 30 k Zim followers on Facebook. Even real celebs with 10 million followers dont see it as something to brag about.

    She goes around bullying people on her Facebook live videos and when people retaliate she plays victim.

    Besides being clinically obese she lies about everything. She even stole someone’s website and hardwork and called it Women’s Sorority where she planned to defraud her puppet followers. Thankfully the website she had opened was taken down due to copyrights breaches.

    She started her own business by stealing Gaynor Fundira’s husband. She caused another woman to go into a mental health hospital.

    As a pathological liar she has a habit of lying to her puppet followers. She will even lie that shes hosting an event and on the day she will do a live video in her tiny house and that will be it. You will never see the pictures of the “event”.

    She lied that she was in the USA for a holiday yet she was in the U.K. You will not even see a picture of her at the airport or in any street in USA.

    She can fool a lot of people but she won’t fool all the people.

    It’s about time Olinda Chapel is exposed as a liar and a woman who steals other people’s hard work. She’s a bully too.

    Soon everyone will see her for the psychopath she is.