Olinda drama is back with another episode. Is it real? [full audio inside]

Olinda Chapel has returned with another episode of drama.

Olinda Chapel

She claims her beau Tytan has been cheating on her.

She went onto Facebook Live with it all but it seems people think it is all a publicity stunt. Like there is a song, a video or a tour of some sort in the works.

True or not, the video has had loads of listeners before it disappeared together with loads of comments.

The Comic Pastor section is a bit odd but ah well. Maybe with the whole ED fanfare from last week on pause until Davos 2018 starts, perhaps this is the distraction people fancy. Even if they do not believe it, interest will do the pair no harm. Unless the harm is a dramatic exit from relationship-ville.

The drama comes a year since her dramatic breakup with ex-husband Stunner.


Listen below extracted in full from her Facebook Live and tell us if you think it is serious:

Click here if it won’t play

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