Of Miss Zimbabwe’s Replacing The Replacement Queen

So the person who replaced the Miss Zimbabwe who quit her post has been replaced as well.

Yes, true to weird form another abortive process has been carried out. Cathrine Makaya who replaced Thabiso Phiri will now be replaced by Tendai Hunda.

This is just days before the Miss World finalists go into camp. This would mean that Zimbabwe will not have a representative at Miss World since the reason why they had to appoint Makaya so quickly was because the deadline for entries into Miss World was just days away at the time.

The Trust says that it felt that Makaya was a rebel and Makaya didn’t quite fancy them either because she felt they were not supporting her in the whole thing on the back of a claim that they preferred Phiri to her.

What do we think of this? Well, let’s put it this way… we are not surprised. It is all sorts of strangeness. You know it right but that is Zimbabwe for you at the moment. That is essentially what happens when a process becomes murky and noone takes ownership of what is going on.

Sure the Trust ultimately has the decision in the clasps of their hands but leadership is not about being vindictive. It is about guidance and inclusion. This is not to suggest that Makaya has not played a part in this whole affair but the Trust is bigger than the individual and should not reduce itself to the level of little fights.  The alleged Whatsapp messages sent between the two leave neither of the sides covered in anything that resembles glory.

Who will really want to have anything with the whole thing next year, after all this?

  • SB

    I envy those who paid $300 per pop to watch the initial pageant. .. getting more bang for their buck long after the show ended and the complimentary circus began..

  • Lugo

    I’m sure there’s a hidden sex story in there , somewhere…

  • Rorita33

    unotoshaya kuti zviri kufamba sei

  • Queen

    In my view never intended for anyone BUT thabiso phiri to go to miss world. Thabiso wanted out – and well found a way lol. Cathy was never even handed the crown and sash. Both never got any of their promised prizes. Can the trust even get Visas to go to Miss World? The entertainment business which includes beauty pageants, is ….”business” it needs strategies, skills and knowledge in order to be lucrative (which is very possible when done right) and successful. branding and reputation is everything – Organizers need to rethink a lot of things because at this point I don’t see any girls worth the title entering this pageant next year. By the way Miss Earth Zim made to the Philippines – with no drama – well done to that team, 3rd year in a row!!