No Sanganai Expo and Carnival this year – ZTA

It is gloomy times for the country as the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority announced that there would be no Sanganai/Hlaganani Expo or Harare International Carnival this year.

ZTA Chief executive Karikoga Kaseke says the plug has been pulled from both events because of funding issues, according to this week’s Sunday Mail.

The fair will fail to happen for the first time in 35 years while the carnival ran for three years before disappearing in 2016. Now we know she ain’t coming back.

The authority says it is till owes $150,000 to service providers from last year and will not risk getting itself into even greater debt.

And it is dire. $900,000 was used for the first three Carnivals. Government offered $200,000 and handed over a quarter of that.

And even if the $750,000 required to settle debts and hold a Sanganai this year were to be made available, the reality is, there just isn’t enough time to organise one this year given the logistics needed for it.

Scary times for the industry which has been doing well as buyers and sellers meeting is key to a tourism sector.

Not a good look while Zimbabwe’s toursim minister Walter Mzambi vies for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation secretary-general position.

And as for drinking of First Street, that ship has sailed.


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