New electronic collective Veryus has ambitious project to ‘break’ entertainment industry

Seven artists are coming together for a very ambitious project called Veryus.


No it is not a group. It is individual artists whose energies were brought together by producer Verseless. The seven including Verseless are Fluid, Mile uBu, Rue, Chengeto and Marques. They will drop seven singles in seven days, each artists falling into the schedule as below:

1st March – Fluid

2nd March – Mile

3rd March – uBu

4th March – Rue

5th March – Verseless

6th March – Chengeto

7th March – Marcques

Philo tells us why the idea works:

We are various artists that bring various sounds so there is no limitation to one genre or category.

And about whether this would come with live performances… he adds.

For now its just songs but it will morph into performances very soon. We are already working on that.

Check the socials for the drop. We are excited.

And yes Veryus is a play on two things, Very Us and Various. Feel free to look smug.