The Myth of the Zimbabwean Celebrity

Almost every other country has got celebrities. Someone that the public swoons over when they are seen amongst the masses. They want to be associated with their brand and kids want to be just like them.

Don’t get it twisted. There are famous people in the land lying between the Zambezi and the Limpopo. ChiwonisoMaraire, Alexio, Alick Macheso, Sulumani Chiombetu, Stunner, Winky D and the foremost one being Oliver Mtukudzi.

But famous as this lot is, outside their shows they are allowed to go about their lives with little disturbance. Well save for Tuku because he has people asking to have a photo taken with him left right and centre. That is just how hectic it is but then again he is as close as we come to that. Check the box for that because he has star quality and he widely honoured and celebrated.

But when you look at pretty much the rest of the cast you can’t say the same. They fall under personalities because they are recognisable but in essence that is as far as it goes. Granted, they will have a core that follows them religiously but in reality that is the sum of it.

H-Metro the much maligned magazine has a fantastic opportunity to help create that culture but most of its headlines are about some nobody that pretty much noone is going to remember. When they do write something on the famous lot  it is often without that punter’s juice. It is too broadsheet in its approach really.

But then again the other side, the main side, is down to how these famous people package themselves. There is no real demand for information on them because they just aren’t very interesting individuals.

Maybe they are but they are never making sure that there is information out there that people would like to coming through. Yes you have an album coming out but who cares. Do you think that Lady Gaga is the biggest artist on earth right now because she is always talking about her music? The noise around her creates a buzz and that translate to star power. Star power means sales and endorsements.

Until that a few other points of correction are made we will always have that myth called the celebrity. And while their friends may call them that, noone else will.