MUST WATCH: The Mushikashika Video Just Raised The Bar

Zim hip hop just dropped a new video that will own a few videos this year.

Mushikashika artwork

Mushikashika artwork

Mushikashika (Ghetto Life) by  Nickbwai Cuttybeats, Zarzu, Vito and Gfingers  interests us not only because it looks fresh but because of the dramatic effect.

Gze and Cuttybeats did a good job in directing and documenting the story of the ghetto struggles on lenses. It’s credit to a genre that has often been accused of having a disconnect from the masses.

Check it out below:

  • concie charlot

    i like the video it depicts the everyday person. true story

  • Qinisile Mazambani

    Good art! Keep raising the standards. Gudoguru was great as well.

  • don

    distinctly zim. doesn’t sound like a parody of American hip hop

  • ndini uya uya

    good stuff…..depicting the daily ghetto youth’s life

  • Ba Muku

    Tight video. i like the creativity n video setup . #pamushikashika