NEW MUSIC: Synik ft Outspoken – Marching As One (Shoko Special Edition )

African hip hop’s rising star Synik has release the remix to his short set on the critically acclaimed jaunt Syn City with Zimbabwean hip hop heavyweight Outspoken.

On the album, Synik performs the track Marching As One with just an acoustic guitar for accompaniment. He has gone back to the studio and been joined by Outspoken to produce a remix which will appear on the Shoko Festival special edition of the album.

The track is again produced Begottensun.

Synik will be producing tracks from the groundbreaking album on Saturday at Shoko Festival with a live band.

Shoko Festival says that it will be giving away a copy of Syn City Shoko Edition for free to the first 200 ticket buyers. Tickets are for sale at Alliance Francaise and Red Bar for the festival which bursts to life on Tuesday.

Check out the song below. Some science right there:

If you are having trouble listening to it from this site check it out here

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