NEW MUSIC: Stunner Ft Nox – Pain Killer [Download Inside]

Rapper Stunner and urban groover Nox have released a new song titled Pain Killer.

For the ladies you will know what a pain killer is. It is essentially the guy she calls when she wants to get laid. He comes to ‘heal’ her in a time of need. Usually such an arrangement exists when the girls main man is outside the country. She has needs and he comes and fulfills that need.

In this song Stunner plays the part of a man who does not know he is a pain killer. Shame guy.

Tell us what you think of the song. Download it below or give it listen.

You wish they would spell Stunner right though. How hard can it be?

if you can’t do it on this site follow this link

  • Jack dee

    Realistic song

  • Angie

    Love this song…dedication to all the PAIN KILLERS… think about it!!!