MUSIC: Someone’s got a crush on ‘Iron Lady’ Ruvheneko and has put it in a song

Vinnie King dropped a snippet for a song for popular media personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa in late December.

That was a hip hop song.

And then today, he released a house song and his main message:

I want you my whole life.

He even brings his mother, at least by claim, by saying:

Mama said she is the girl for me.

Vinnie wants her ‘touch’ and to be held by her and the works.

Not sure how the married Ruvheneko will take this. Not that it is that big deal. A dude can dream right?

The song is worth more for its context than it’s its aesthetics. But then again, that part with mama said, kinda sticks in your head for its singalongability.

Listen to it below and tell us what you think

  • Chi-ChiManXtRMin8tr

    This is how niggaz get shot.

  • Chi-ChiManXtRMin8tr

    This is how niggaz go missing.