NEW MUSIC: MMT – Wake Up (Diss Track)

So we just came across this song from Team Rehab which disses every person they can think of in the, well, the hip hop game.

Rehab has some talented rappers. One of them is Xndr the producer, the award-winning Tatea DaMC and former ZiFM radio presenter MC Cut.

In it they diss just about fellow rappers, calling them ‘swagger-jackers’ and even use Tino Katsande’s getting beaten up saga as a punchline. Oh, and they mention Three Men On A Boat on the track in an interesting punchline. All amusing when you think… Except when they get personal, like when they refer to DJ Naida as a ‘big b*tch’.

There is some serious anger right there, not sure where it coming from. Maybe it was because of that Kuda Musasiwa over-the-top rant on his blog after the Hip Hop Awards. Who knows?

Maybe they could not tell us what’s up. Got a good war beat for it though.

Is this them taking beef on wax? Tell us what you think. Listen and download below

If you can’t listen to it here, click here for the direct link.

  • hahahaha Big Bitch.. hahahaha.. no matter what they tryna do to create controversy with dissing people, I still dun wanna listen to it. next time they should try harder than being bullies

  • Guest

    I am 2 like Christmas or I am too like Christmas…dnt knw :)…..sigh,anyway maybe they tryn to make everyone to stp slacking off maybe its young boys being cocky after being told they are Gud…..Pple will neva learn tht beef doesnt work these days….what pple want is dropping heats,thts why Good artists dnt have such history.I am Jus sayn and I dnt knw where 3-mob was mentioned can U help me identify it :)..Peace

  • ngaphansikwesihlahla somabrosi

    eh, people taking themselves waaaaay to serious. who gives a damn if they said a big bitch or face yakazvimba? the energy you focused on pointing it out made some of us listen to it, been a while since i listened to any hip hop from zimbabwe. and i quite liked it. does it make me think any less about zimbabwean women? NO. does it make me more accepting of women abuse (whose reference is not even glorified really, just a line) NO. stop trying to start a movement over nothing, there are more important issues than hearing people moan about the word “bitch” said in a song by artists really (me personally) i didnt know. Great beat, amusing lines. Period. Im sure no harm was meant. Move on people.

  • pamhata we ned a fucken download mhani