MUSIC: Kapital K – Diaspora

New song out from Kapital K called Diaspora.


Like the title suggests it is about the Zimbabwean diaspora and how it relates back home.

VIDEO: P Diddy Cheers Zim Rapper Kapital K On

And he brings up the whole thing with Diddy…

Had a conversation and he about to take off
And Imma take all y’all with me

It’s a bump and shake song (not quite jumo-off) and he has made it available for free.

Just click here to get the mp3.

  • Critikal Zimbo

    This is the same idot, who when he had an opportunity to represent Zimbabwe in front of P Diddy chose to say that he was from SA?

    Nah, no thank you.

    And to think his father is an MP… How soon one forgets their origins. Tsk..