Music Crossroads Launches Showcase Mission

Music Crossroads will this Saturday, 17 November launch a musical Showcase Mission at the Alliance Francaise.

The show is set to feature some of the bands to come from their programme. Some of those who have graduated through them are Mokoomba, Bongo Love, African Destiny, Club Shanga, Gwarimba, Liyana, Savannah Afros, First Farai and Progress Chipfumo.

Mokoomba back from a European tour will feature in the show as will Gwarimba, Savannah Afros and Club Shanga.

According to their communique, the point is:

The Showcase Mission is a platform to promote bands that have been nurtured by the organization, by hosting shows in all the 12 provinces of the country. The promotion of the bands would involve the availing of the necessary resources for the bands in their endeavor of earning a living through music.

We saw the tour bus the other day and the plan is laudable.

So check the show out, 17:00-21:30hrs. We think it is going to be boss.

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