MUSIC: Begottensun releases politically charged single

Rapper-political activist Begottensun has dropped a new single called Expect Us,  politically charged 2:47 of bars and hard hitting extensions of his popular Tea Time narrative.

In it he makes some of his most combative statements from a position of helplessness in his life, the fear he lives with and says ominously:

They might try to short sleeve my bare arms
But if “‘hey’ steal the vote then we bear arms

Begottensun, real name Kuda Musasiwa is currently running the campaign for the popular Fadzayi Mahere who intends to run for the Mount Pleasant seat in the National House of Assembly in the 2018 elections.

He also has choice words for Econet Wireless founder Strive Masiyiwa who he pretty much describes as self-serving and not the perceived savior that Begottensun and those who agree with him.

The political narrative is not new to Begottensun whose catalogue does include quite a few of that kind all dependent on where his life was at that moment. His effort on Gudo Guru with Tanganyika comes to mind.

Expect Us is the latest in songs from artists venturing into the previously unchartered waters of politics.

The song is available here ->


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