NEW MUSIC: Ammara Brown – Hotta Ft Naked DJ

Ammara Brown released a new song onto the Internets last night and it is another smoking track.

According to the official blurb:

[It is] a sexy collaboration between South Africa’s Naked Dj, and Zimbabwe’s Ammara Brown. Naked, being SA’s hottest Hip-Hop Dj, became intrigued when Ammara insisted on writing to this production (by Omen) This track is the debut single for Naked’s album; Naked Nites! ) Recently released onto South African airwaves, it has became an infectious club track. Now remixed by Ammara to suite her steamy performances, it is also available for download via Vodacom.

Ammara is staking her claim for the title of Afro RnB in Zimbabwe.

We have seen her perform it live and it certainly gets you a bit hot under the collar.

Before her trip to Zanzibar for the Sauti Busara festival she has left us a scorcher. Pity it is only available on Vodacom but at least it is available to listen to online.

If you’re having a problem listening to it on this site, click here for the direct link.

  • bataimunhu

    Who wrote this article? Are they amateur or professional?