Munya Chidzonga Starts Preps For New Movie

Actor and former reality TV star Munya Chidzonga has started work on a new movie.

Called Chimbwido (Girl of War) Chidzonga has been posting a couple of pics over the last few days showing preparations for the new role.

He captioned the pic below as follows:

The Diamond Boy is BACK!!! Preparing for a new movie… Got to put in that work!!! ‪#‎Zvemafirimufirimu‬‪#‎Gijima‬‪#‎Gettingitdone‬


And then he added another where he said he was reading the script:

Reading draft 1 of the new movie… Chimbwido (Girl of War) Ah all I can say is Mamama… This script is a game changer ‪#‎Gijima‬‪#‎Zvemafirimufirimu‬‪#‎HappyProducer‬

He works  on this movie with his longtime partner in crime Joe Njagu (they did Lobola and The Gentleman together). It is the first time we will see Chidzonga acting since his appearance in the third season of South African channel eTV.

We are super excited!

  • Julie Barnes

    Zim film industry clawing it’s way back! That’s Munya Chidzonga who was on Big Brother?