Munjodzi Doesn’t Deny Allegations; Questions Katsande Account

Brian Munjodzi, who stands accused of beating up ZiFM presenter Tino Katsande says he does not entirely deny allegations leveled against him but the manner in which he is said to have committed the crime.

In what seems to be an attempt at creating mitigation, Munjodzi accuses her of being disrespectful.

According to the state, Munjodzi called Katsande and asked her to come to his house on 10 November at 8pm. When she arrived she went straight to the bedroom.

Munjodzi is alleged to have asked her to join him in the living room which she refused to do saying she was tired. He is then said to have dragged her by the hair from the bedroom and proceeded to assault her in front of his tenants.

He is then said to have continued to do so despite pleas from his tenants to stop and an attempt by Katsande to escape. After that it is alleged that he ordered her to go to bed.

Sadly many women are beaten up on account of being called disrespectful. It is pretty common and unfortunately applauded in some circles.

While some will point to inconsistencies  in Katsande’s public statement on the issue and what was said in court, the reality at the end of the day is that she was  beaten up and that is the issue here.

We suppose when it comes to the legal aspect, mitigation could come from the amount of provocation leading to the assault, thus, the Munjodzi challenge.

Munjodzi is out on $100 bail.

With information from The Herald

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