Moto Republik’s latest Hustler’s Market a resounding success

Famed social creative facilitators Moto Republik hosted a grand monthly Hustler’s Market last Saturday.

PIC: Charamba

The event, headlined by award-winning hip-hop artist Sharky, was attended by a sparkling cast of societal figures, dealers and stars alike.

TV presenter Ruvheneko P, Munya Bloggo, Comrade Fatso,Lady K, uBu, Brian K, Raydizz and Boss Khedha among other glamorous guests graced the gathering.

PIC: Charamba

The market was magnificent and striking as various dealers came through to exhibit their products. Kai San Clothing, Atric Designers, Kuda’s African Prints Boutique, Nails & Bath Emporium and Lunga Cosmetics were among the top-notch.

Entertainment was provided by bubbly rap artists Sharky, T.Shoc, Verseless Philo, Raydizz  and other strings of djs who kept the delighted crowd afloat.

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