Moto Republik takes legal action against Harare City Council

We got this from Moto Republik who are in a fight against the Harare City Council to prevent demolition of its structures.

Moto Republik


We would just like to inform you that we have taken legal action against the Harare City Council with regards to their aggressive action towards Moto Republik. We value your support and partnership as we navigate yet another of the many hurdles that our fine nation throws our way as young creatives and change makers

The communication also sets out four actions Moto Republik wants actioned by Harare.

  1. Stop the demolition of Moto Republik and allow the containers to keep standing.
  2. Let council remove the unjust penalty fees that they have imposed.
  3. Allow us to continue our work of empowering young people by permitting us to use the stand as it is zoned according to council: Zone 4B for a youth centre or arts centre
  4. Let us create a harmonious working relationship between Moto Republik and Council in order to continue empowering the young people of our great city

Since the attempted demolition Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere has visited the premises and pledged to help resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, click here to sign the petition to save the spot

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