Morgan Heritage set standard for performance with roaring Harare show

The much awaited Harare performance by Jamaican legendary band Morgan Heritage was everything their fans had been waiting for.


On the back of bagging the Album of the Year at 2016 IRAWMA Awards for Strictly Roots last Sunday, they brought the cavalry. And as the kids say, we weren’t ready.

After very capable performances from the impressive Freeman, the reliable Oliver Mtukudzi and the explosive Winky D, The Royal Family of Reggae threw down the gauntlet and upped the ante.

With reports of a disappointing Malawi show, the even more demanding Harare capacity crowd needed a memory.

They got one.

Very rarely have we seen artists leave their souls on stage to the extent the group did. Until 3.45am, they held their audience captive, each song on top of the other reinforcing the palpable belief that we were in the presence of legends. Legends not the throwaway sense that modern parochial pop psychology, not in the way it was loaned when loaned from the French in Middle English times.

Many memories will be taken from that night and stories told for the ages of how it all felt.

This is not to suggest that there have been no other great acts who have come in to perform. No. But this show, you felt something… and everything.

It was a pity that from time to time throughout the night, from the cheap seats (we didn’t get accredited for this event) the sound was often unpleasant.

That said, it was a good night.