Hip Hop Group Monkey Nuts EP Listening Party On Friday

Hip hop band The Monkey Nuts – or the Monki Nuts depending on who is writing – will be having a listening party this Friday 8 December 2012 at Red Bar.

The show will see them do songs from the EP, Something Out Of Nothing or SOON.

They will perform 4 tracks from the EP and then you will get to hear the rest of the tracks from the CD for a significant part of the evening.

Also performing with the Monkey Nuts will be mbira princess Hope Masike who has formed a strong with the group. Before them you will get Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka as well Karizma.

It’s a strong night for what is the fastest growing genre in Zimbabwe.

Check it out. It is $10 at the door. Act like you know. Save the date.Click.Move.