A Moment with… Abra Simz

Abra Simz

United States-based African Bred Recording Artists(A.B.R.A) Cheif AnR, Public Relations Manager and Radio Personality, Simz is a go-to  guy in the Zimbabwe’s increasingly global music industry. ABRA represents Jusa Dementor , Kyriah Dee , Trppl ,Cristal , John Smarts, Red Rat and Pascalle.

Simz has  also worked with other artistes such as Marlon Binns, Bounty Killa(Alliance), Hawkeye, Jahmar , Chuck Fender,  Nkulee Dube ( Lucky Dubes’ Daughter/South Africa)  Bkay n Kazz, Roki, Cynthia Mare, Chiwoniso Maraire, Winky d, C-money, General Pype (Nigeria) and Carlprit  (Germany/Zimbabwe).

Simz took a moment with 3-mob to answer a few questions:


What is your government name?
Simukai Garikai Mandizvidza

What do you like to call yourself?
I like calling myself mr Dairyboard but better known as Abra Simz lol ( name given to me by Red Rat)

What is the most ridiculous nickname you have ever had?
In primary they called me Gaz & when i got here to the States in High they never knew how to say any of my names o they called me Zimbabwe and a Few called me Bob

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
I sleep on the right side.. you know badman cant be on the left lol

Are you left-handed or right-handed?
Im right handed.. …… Interesting question lol

What is your favourite instrument?
I love the keyboard. looks cool.. I dont even know how to play it.. but looks cool

What is the first song you fell in love with?
I fell in love with Micheal Jackson , Heal the world.. as a yute i actually thought could heal the world with love lol

Best concert you have ever been to?
P Square concert in Washington DC last year.. It was massive those guys are really talented

Of the songs you have executive produced which one is your favourite?
I love Rise up Zimbabwe.. coz Red Rat was my idol growing up and working with him was a dream & what the song represents for our country as well

How do you deal with groupies?
I dont deal with them.. they fill a form and Mr DairyBaord will get back to them as soon as possible. lol

How excited were you when the first groupie hollered at you?
I was not that excited.. I was in a relationship so.. Being the faithful guy i am.. I dint nothing much of it

Where is Zimbabwean music going?
Zimbabwean music is growing as an industry..We are establishing our own sound and our people are starting to respect it as well..

Where is your music going?
Our music is going far from the streets on kingston to the streets of Lagos.Abra music is travelling as our fan base grows so does the music.. We have a great team and the sky is the limit

What do you want to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered as a person who did everything with a passion.. whether its cutting the grass or helping produce a nations anthem..