Mokoomba performed at the New Orleans Jazz Fest and met Nas

Much-traveled, award-winning and trailblazing Zimbabwean troupe Mokoomba performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in the United States on Friday.

They performed on the same day with Nas and Soul rebels, Pedtrito Martinez group, Rumba buena and more. A member of the group McDonald Moyo called the experience ‘awesome’.

Today  Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion, Snoop Rock, SnoopZilla or whatever) Maroon five, Pitbull and more.

The big moment for the crew met the legendary Nas who performed after them.

McDonald Moyo from Mokoomba with Nas at the New Orleans Jazz Fest

And he copped a copy of their new Luyando CD. Maybe he hears a song he likes there and next thing… collabo! Handur!

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