Mokoomba Launches Campaign To Have Its Music Played On Local Radio

Mokoomba, the biggest band to come out of Zimbabwe in recent years, has launched a campaign to have their music played on local radio.

These  guys get more airplay in Europe than they get on the local market which is weird. As big as they are, there are local artists who of infinitely less repute who will get airplay before them. Scratch that. At this stage most international artists are likely to get airplay more than Mokoomba will.

Meanwhile Mokoomba has played at WOMEX, will be playing at WOMAD this year, have a number one iTunes album, have played live on Jools on BBC Two, headlined at HIFA, have had their album peak at number 9 in the European world music charts,  among other things. Oh did we mention that world-renowned DJ Greg Saltor took their music and remixed it? A whole remix album is out there which should be getting heavy rotation.

It seems as if everyone else can’t get enough of them except our  local stations. Mind you the local stations don’t want any of them.

In their campaign this is what they what they want you to do:

Kindly call, SMS, Whatsup, email, Facebook, tweet, visit your DJ on National FM 102.8, Radio Zimbabwe 96.0, Power FM 99.3, Spot FM 92.8, Star FM 89.65, Zi-fm 106.40 and ASK them to play your favourite song by Mokoomba!

In turn they have a sweetener. They will give you concert tickets and music if you are that dope.

If you want to read more about the campaign, check it out on Facebook by clicking here.

We approve.