Mokoomba appear in this week’s CNN African Voices

Trailblazing Zimbabwean music troupe Mokoomba are on this week’s episode of CNN African Voices.

The group give insight into how they create their music style, what inspires them, the language use in a session shot in Vctoria Falls, their home town.

Mokoomba are:

  • Mathias Muzaza – lead vocals, percussion.
  • Trustworth Samende – guitar, backing vocals.
  • Abundance Mutori – bass, backing vocals.
  • Donald Moyo – keyboard, backing vocals.
  • Ndaba Coster Moyo – drums, backing vocals.
  • Miti Mugande – percussion, backing vocals.

Episode also features Ghana’s BET-award winning star Stonebwoy, giving an insight into his amazing work including a tour of his home studio and what work his foundation is doing. The biggest takeaway from his episode is the ability to stay in the moment while keeping an eye on your future.

Added to that is John Wizards from Cape Town.

The episode called Beats That Cross Borders airs this weekend on these times CAT.

  • 12/10: 01.30, 04.00, 21.00
  • 13/10: 11.30
  • 14/10: 06.30

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  • Stacy Nyathi

    these guys are just amazing…they are representing us really well. am a huge fan!!!!

    • this we can agree on. They are incredible

    • Taku Hillzy Larry

      And i feel like a lot of Zimbos do not appreciate fully the work these guys put in representing our country this beautifully

  • Stacy Nyathi

    i think they need to have more shows here in Zim you know they spend so much time abroad


    These guys works magic hey ,, so proud of them