MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: David Alford Harare debuts at New York Fashion week [pics inside]

Zimbabwean fashion house David Alford Harare made history at this year’s New York Fashion Week on Saturday 11 February at Studio 450.

David Alford Harare Collection

The debut is the first ever by a label based in the Southern African country.

Said the 26 year-old British born David Alford of his collection On The Precipice showcased at the event.

I have always had infinity with the ocean and water, and always held a big interest in aquatic life. The inspiration came from an article I stumbled across by The Guardian in which it explained how The Great Barrier Reef is diminishing to a point of up to 67% in certain areas with it suspected to take up to 15 years to recover if at all.

And as for how it all came together, the coral, texture and all that he adds:

Coral has a very similar internal structure to that of bone marrow and once I started researching coral I instantly became attracted to this texture, the colours and the pattern formations. I wanted the clothes to have a very three dimensional aspect both using print and also dramatic drapes and fabric manipulations, to mimic the shape and form corals have. Once we had sufficient imagery we began to work on software in order to kaleidoscope them to create different forms and structures, something where the texture could still be related to that of nature but also give another worldly dimension. I wanted to take something natural and turn it on its head, just how the reef has been so damaged by humans.

And as for the colours, shimmering and all he went in:

I always like to be inspired by an artist who has created works related to what my collections are about and for On the Precipice I stumbled across the work of Japanese artist Kaz Shirane. I was immediately drawn towards his spacial art, where large mirrored prisms, move and  shift around the room in order to create the illusion of the reflection of the spectator actually becoming the kaleidoscope themselves. I then began to create the coral kaleidoscopes and the structures on dresses in a triangular form to imitate these spacial art pieces by Shirane using a human enhanced naturally inspired print, a representation of humans’ power of nature. This was yet another inspiring idea, the relationship between humans and specific structure.

The way he ended his presentation on the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection was pretty intense, dramatic but beautiful:

I think we as humans have and will always be fascinated by the transition between life and death. This collection is not only a banner to raise awareness about the destruction of one of our great natural wonders, but also that power I feel nature has of making something look even more beautiful even when its disintegrating.

Below are pics from David Alford Harare’s New York Fashion Week debut.

David Alford Harare Collection

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