Miss Independent Zimbabwe Beauty Pageant Announced

The  Zimbabwe Intergrated Traders Association ZITA has announced a new beauty pageant dubbed Miss Independent Zimbabwe.


This pageant seeks to celebrate the beauty, Ubuntu and hardwork of Zimbabwean women from different social stratas.

Our women have played various roles in the socio political development of Zimbabwe , from the days of the liberation struggle to date.

ZITA has come up with a unique pageant that will Host 20 contestants from different provinces in Zimbabwe. These Young Gorgeous women will compete in the National final to be  held At ZANU PF Headquarters Auditorium in Harare.

This the First of its kind, as it will reward not only beauty, grace and elegance but the finalists will be judged on their knowledge of politics in Zimbabwe, their contribution to the economic Revolution, the strength of their ideas towards Profitably meeting the needs Of various communities whence they came.


The Winner of the pageant will walk away with :

  • A residential stand in Chisipite,
  • Laptop and printer
  • Cellphone, airtime and
  • $ 5 000 Cash.

The First Princess will win herself a:

  • Cellphone, airtime,
  • laptop,
  • printer and
  • $3 000 cash

The Second Princess will pocket :

  • cellphone, airtime , and
  • $2 000 cash.
  • Laptop, printer

Other Prizes and awards shall include :

~ The Mbuya Nehanda Award which shall be given to the finalist with the best and most feasible project that profitably meets a need in her community

~ The Mbuya Bona award which shall be given to the lady who is well groomed , well mannered and resembles a progressive ,Afrocentric Zimbabwean woman in all her conduct.


The Miss Independent Zimbabwe Will be held on the 28th of April at ZANU PF HQ Auditorium , the guest of Honour is the Honourable Mrs. A. Mnangagwa Who will be accompanied by several other political and social dignitaries.

This pageant is the first of its kind as ZITA joins His Excellency the Head of State President R.G. Mugabe and the nation  in celebrating 35 years of Independence.


ZITA shall Host a Business breakfast meeting on Tuesday 21 April at Rainbow Towers from 7:30 am . This Business Breakfast will be attended by Honourable AMai A. Mnangagwa , senior government and Business leaders. This meeting is a must attend for every young woman or man who seeks to venture into real Business with real returns . This will be a unique breakfast as it will focus on deliverables. We want participants to leave the breakfast with tangibles such as contracts to supply Goods, commodities and Services, access to Capital among other things.

As ZITA we have organised ourselves to prove to the world that Zimbabwe is serious in the implementation of the Agenda for Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation.

After the Breakfast we shall launch a Business development program for Models and Artists as they have a right to benefit from various Government and ZANU PF Economic.development programs , yet they have been left out due to lack of representation.



ZITA has engaged the following partners

The Office

  • Office of Hon. Mrs A. Mnangagwa
  • Sibusiso Media : Executive Producers of the Miss Independent Zimbabwe pageant, and the Business Breakfast.
  • Highshot Investments
  • ZimGossip Model Agency

Other partners are also welcome to come on board.

Miss Independent Zimbabwe presser.