Michael Jackson – Michael Album Review

Till the day I die I will always be a Michael Jackson fan. He is going to retain the most important moment in entertainment in my life. That is a fact that will not be stretched by any means. The King is gone but his music forever leaves.

That said, this Michael album was an annoying album. It is not a Michael Jackson album. It just isn’t at the level Michael released a project.

The reality I listened to the whole album out of respect more than anything else. As a memory to the Gloved One this was an epic fail.

Michael Jackson, Michael Album Cover

OK the positive is that the album is not a hatchet album. It is full of complete Michael Jackson songs. Not part songs with a rapper thrown in here like what is being done to say, Tupac. You have Michael’s vocals from start to finish.

And speaking of rappers, what on earth is 50 Cent doing on that album?

It makes you think if most of these songs would have made it onto a Michael Jackson album in the format now released. I would think not.

While as I said my listening to the album was out of obligation, something delightful happens at the end. The track ‘Much Too Soon’ is an amazing ballad. It is classic Michael. It is the sort of thing that you would expect from Michael. It is soothing, refreshing and in essence a beautiful song. That one songs is the saving grace and restores on what else there is in that Michael Jackson Vault.

If I had it my way, this would be it. But I guess there is money to be made and 9 more albums from the late King of Pop. I hope this is not the best of the lot

Tracks to Download

Much Too Soon

Behind the Mask