Mic Inity’s Last Wednesday At Mannenberg

Mic Inity’s Wednesday gig at Mannenberg will be his last following the announcement of the relocation of the place from its current address at Fife Avenue to an as-yet-unannounced new venue.

For Mic Inity this will be an emotional farewell to the place where he started his career in earnest. After leaving Transit Crew, Mic Inity formed his own band Hotta Fyah. He negotiated for  a Wednesday date and many skeptics thought he wouldn’t pull it off.

Naturally, when he started off the numbers were low as he courted revelers from the un-serviced market on the northern end of the railway line. Soon he had revolutionised midweek partying in Harare as more and more people turned up for his shows. Beyond that, Wednesday kumarasta made its way across the border and people coming back home on holiday made it a point to attend shows at the venue. It was the thing to be seen to be doing.

Mic Inity At Mannenberg

This led to off-shoots such as the now-defunct after party at Stars and the Legendary Sounds Foxy Wednesdays.

Tonight, fans and friends will don their colours for the last time to watch  Mic Inity’s last hurrah at the Mannenberg. Perhaps he will be back at the new Mannenberg on a Wednesday again. It could be that he will have us dancing somewhere else to deal with our addiction.

Until then we will have to live with the one night at Red Fox on Fridays.

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