Mic Inity’s Drummer Tatenda Kanjato Is Dead

The Late Tatenda Kanjato

Mic Inity’s drummer Tatenda ‘Sticks’ Kanjato is dead.

Reports coming through are unclear but at this stage it seems as if the young man may have committed suicide. At the moment, this is speculation, but his death has been confirmed by several sources from within the Mic Inity camp and independents sources.

Sticks had developed into an impressive drummer for Mic Inity’s backing band Hotta Fire. He always retained a friendly demeanour and was generally well-liked.

Dennis Teguru, who leads Mic Inity’s band wrote: is this the redemption we always joked about my yout?just too much to bear.but why now boyz dzangu..

Mic Inity himself said : I am torn. Rest In Peace ma yute Tatenda on the drums. Just the day before yesterday we were in rehearsal. Only Jah know!

Edith Katiji wrote this on her facebook. So much talent!and now Tatenda is gone.so young.whe r u Tatenda Kanjatu?

Kanjato was previously with the late Sam Mtukudzi’s band AY Band.

The death of Kanjato comes during a dark period of Zimbabwe’s music industry which has lost numerous artists over the last two years, among them Sam Mtukudzi, Owen Chimhare and Martha Badza who played with him in AY Band.

He was 23.

  • Mambosolo

    Death often comes as a surprise . it is an unwanted and hated visitor which eventually comes to every person . we have to be prepared .

  • Givygavaza

    A nice rose won’t exist for a long time…

  • sean chamvari

    may his soul rest in peace its sad to loose younger talented artist