Mic Inity Apologises

Beleaguered Zimbabwean reggae crooner Mic Inity issued an apology on Friday “to all the people [he has] wronged”.

Mic Inity turning over a new leaf

Mic Inity turning over a new leaf

During his performance at the Red Fox which also served as a welcome back show for the legend, Oliver Mtukudzi, Mic Inity, real name Mike Madamombe, took a break in the scheduled programme say that he was sorry if he had done any wrong against anyone.

Inity’s image has taken a severe beating of in recent years fior what could be described as unbecoming behaviour. Things came a head when we published a story of him being beaten up while in studio last week and some of our readers expressed very little sympathy for him.

Insiders informed 3-mob.com that this apology was part of an ongoing rehabilitation. Already noted is the fact that he no longer walks off stage when he is upset or shouts at sound engineers. We are led to believe that his manager Robert Zhuwao is working on being more of a positive influence on the talented Marondera-born singjay.

However reports of rude outbursts among other things have continued and the father of four will have his work cut out given the little goodwill left with the public to convince people that he is indeed working towards becoming a better person.

We wish him the best.

  • gunnz

    good boy

  • Namalo

    He must be paying you handsomely to do his PR. This is one guy whose attitude will never change. That being what it is, each to their own!

    • Just saying

      Time will tell

  • Skhumba Touch

    What insiders are you on about Larry?

    • Just saying

      Maybe the artists inner circle

      • S’khumba Touch

        Dude, Larry is Mic Inity’s insider, he is the one whose job is to clean up Madamombe’s mess..its sad he tries to pass of his sorry blog as a neutral commentator

  • Soldout

    Hahahha I remember when Larry was also insulted by mic…… So I don’t think it’s Larry…. And no your weak ass apology is not accepted just coz others stood up to your bullying!! Being a father of 4 should have thought inity of a thing called karma, would he tolerate bullying on them?!!!!! And Nadiene? Larry???

    • He made his bed. All the people want to see is the change in behavior otherwise the apology is just words. We wish him the best. It is easier to destroy than to build.

      • Soldout

        We don’t care what he does , where he comes from , who he is, what’s his claim to fame when he is at home!!!! All we have observed that he is sailing on an ego trip for many years and he is so set in his ways it’s too late to change!!! He just attacked someone a week ago! His EX-Wife’s workmates. 3 Mob pls run that story!the company he keeps, the drugs he takes and the ngozi of Andy brown are catching up with him….!!!we are no longer interested in buying his music or going to his dated shows where he has a band of rapists and wife beaters….there is nothing inifying bout this guy! But we want to know how come his dangerous acts keep getting silenced and victims are left wounded! We love this publication so please give us unbiased stories. Besides an apology in a bhawa when peeps are drunk and probably the offended ones are not there is meek and pointless…shame his manager has inherited this mhepo

        • Mature at heart

          Your comment is filled with anger and malice like an interested party to Mic Inity’s life. When you say “WE” who are you refering to Soldout, who are you speaking on behalf of? I was not a Mic Inity fan because i didn’t condone his behaviour, however I attended his show a few weeks ago and did observe a changed young man. I then attended another of his shows and concluded he is on the right path finally. These observations are based on how he interacted with his band and crowd. I could see they were really enjoying themselves as a unit and even joking and sharing laughs on stage, something I hadn’t seen on a Mic Inity show.

          Now, back to your comments. Where does his manager come into this apology. Is not the improved manners or character a result of management cautioning the young man, is that not part of character building? Is that not part of managing someone. I am not privy to the goings on of the musician or what parameters his management works under. I doubt that a manager’s responsibility extends to managing his home stuff but is just his music career. Besides, do you expect a manager to be working against the interests of the brand he is managing. As Just Saying said, “time will tell”.

          You talk about Andy Brown’s ngozi; did Mic Inity kill Andy Brown? I don’t see how Andy Brown’s (God rest his soul) death is attributed to this young man, unless he murdered Andy Brown. Last I read, Andy Brown got ill and died in hospital, correct me if I am wrong.

          Who are the rapists and wife beaters you refer to. Report them to the police immediately.

          As to buying his music is concerned, it is your legal and human right to choose whether to buy his music or not but don’t say “We” because I am now looking for his music after the apology.

          Finally, do not disrespect people who attend his shows. Not everyone who goes to bhawa are drinkers, and even if they were drinkers, what evidence do you have that they were drunk??? How do you conclude the offended ones were not there, unless you are the offended ONES. The boy performs in bhawas, that’s where he draws his constituency from, where did you want him to give his apology. In a church???

          Stop being vindictive, if you do not accept a public apology, so be it, but don’t talk on others’ behalf by saying “We” unless uri spokesperson for others, whereupon I would like to know the others who want to represent my voice through you.

          • Just Saying

            Is Mic Inity divorced Soldout? Akarova workmate wemukadzi kupi, hiiii kubasa here or what. Zvakanga zvaita sei?

          • Interesting questions

          • Fair points

          • Daisy

            Hehehe mature at heart, u sound like an offender defender….

          • Mature at heart

            Sounds like that isn’t it Daisy? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not lol

        • zuze

          sold out you are bitter and you have detail. You must be the estranged ex-wife

  • Small Axe

    ” one good thing about GOOD music when it hits you feel no pain….”

  • Name

    “Be good to the people on the way up the ladder, coz you meet them on the way down…. That’s the way it is”

  • Zodwa

    Isn’t this the same guy who was convicted of domestic violence and made to pay a 200$ fine? Well guys if he beats u report him and send him to chooks!