Maziva Opposes Medical Examination In Abortion Case

Model, Gamu Maziva has refused to have herself examined to prove that she did not have an abortion recently.

Through her lawyer, the February Face of Zimbabwe winner says that such an examination in which instruments would be inserted into her was unconstitutional and impinged on her rights.

The prosecution maintains that the manner of examination is not something that is the preserve of legal counsel but that of those who do the examining. The prosecution want Maziva examined as they are building a case against her and her boyfriend Nyasha Maridadi.

The pair are accused of termination of pregnancy as well as contravening Section 8 of the Burial and Cremation Act, which prohibits “Dumping of Bodies and Hindering of Burial”.

The ruling on the medical examination is set for tomorrow.

We understand Maziva’s fight for constitutional rights but this will not look good in the public gallery which will find her guilty because she simply will not subject herself to a test that could possibly prove her innocence in one fell swoop.

Then again, better to fight that thing, the examination, and win it on that count than go through a whole process that could be taxing.

A blood test could work though.

  • Deuce

    s8 of the Burials Act was repealed a long time ago though..

    • So how come they have not brought that up?

      • Deuce

        Charges are drafted at the Police station and if the I.O doesnt pick it up it will find its way to court like that but knowing Adv Mureriwa he should pick it up before trial commencement.. but then again the State can always amend their charge at any stage so far.

        • Boardhouse

          Nope it still stands, many people have been charged on that act this year

          • Deuce

            it was repealed by 4 of Act 23 of 2004 its now covered by the Code